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EMLC 2021 - European Mask and Lithography Conference -
organized as online-event on June 22, 2021

The one certainty in today’s tumultuous world is that the effects of COVID-19 will continue to challenge all aspects of our business and drive flexibility and innovative solutions in our technology, communication, logistics, and planning. In 2020, we saw the cancellation of Photomask Japan (PMJ) in April, the postponement of the European Mask and Lithography Conference (EMLC) in June, and conversion of the September Photomask and EUV Lithography conference (BACUS/PUV) to an online forum.

As we move into 2021, the impact of COVID-19 on this year’s photomask conferences continues to be predictable only in its unpredictability. Currently, all three major Photomask conferences will be held, but each has adapted differently to the health and travel restrictions.

Due to all these circumstances the 2021 European Mask and Lithography Conference (EMLC2021) requires conversion to an online format. The EMLC Program Committee decided that this year’s EMLC will feature a novel panel-centric online event. The EMLC – Online Event 2021 with Live Panel Sessions and live Q&A is scheduled on Tuesday June 22nd 2021.

In the online version of the EMLC 2021, the conference will be split into two time slots.
First slot from 06:30 AM to 09:15 AM German time (CEST = central European summer time) and the second slot from 02:30 PM to 05:30 PM CEST). This would allow live presentations with attendances from America, the Asian Hemisphere and Europe.

The planned four Panel Sessions are covering:

PANEL 1) EUV Lithography
PANEL 2) EUV Mask Topics
PANEL 3) Manufacturing Data Analytics
PANEL 4) Career opportunities for young scientists and engineers in semiconductor lithography and mask industry


Information about the recording and post-watching

All sessions will be recorded and made available for post-watching for about 6 weeks after the conference. Registered attendees will receive a link.


Dr. Uwe Behringer, EMLC Conference Chair 2021

Dr. Uwe Behringer, UBC Microelectronics
Conference Chair

target audience

Target Audience

The EMLC Conference annually brings together scientists, researchers, engineers and developers from around the world to present innovations at the forefront of research, manufacturing and application.

target audience

The EMLC Conference annually brings together scientists, researchers, engineers and developers from around the world to present innovations at the forefront of research, manufacturing and application.

It provides a place where specialists from industry and advanced research as well as equipment and software providers become acquainted with new developments and results.


Conference topics


Mask Manufacturing and Mask Business
- Mask Data Preparation
- Pattern Generation: Writing, Etch, etc.
- Photomask Processes & Materials
- Metrology Tools & Technologies
- Defect Inspection & Repair
- Cleaning & Haze
- Pellicles & Mask Boxes
- Mask Process Yield & Cycle Time
- Photomasks for RET (OPC, ILT) ; PSM
- Mask Business and Management
- Mask Cost and Mask Development Strategy
- Future Mask Demand
Lithographic Systems and Processes
- Optical Resolution Enhancements including OPC,
Freeform Illumination, Source-Mask-optimization (SMO)
and Inverse Lithography Technology (ILT)
- Material-and Process driven Resolution Enhancements
including Multiple Patterning and Chemical Shrinking
- Immersion Lithography including Defectivity
- Lithography Process Control
- Lithography and Etch Simulation including rigorous
physical/chemical Models and Compact Models
Emerging Mask and Lithography Technologies
- EUV-Lithography including Masks, Materials Processes
and Infrastructure.
- Direct Write / Maskless Technologies including Multi-
Beam Technologies
- Nano-Imprint Lithography (NIL), Soft Lithography, and
- Applicationof Artificial Intelligence including Deep
Learning in Lithography
Emerging Applications
- Non-IC Applications including Si-Photonics, flat Panel
Displays and MEMS/MEOMS
- Lithographic Systems for non-IC Applications, including
Laser Direct Write, Interference Lithography, and Mask


Committee Members


The EMLC 2021 International Program Committee

Conference Chairs
Behringer, Uwe, UBC Microelectronics, Ammerbuch, Germany
Finders, Jo, ASML, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Conference Co-Chairs
Connolly, Brid, Toppan Photomasks Inc., Dresden, Germany
Gale, Chris, Applied Materials, Dresden, Germany
Hayashi, Naoya, DNP, Saitama, Japan

Program Chairs
Stolberg, Ines, Vistec Electron Beam, Jena, Germany
Erdmann, Andreas, Fraunhofer IISB, Erlangen, Germany
Loeschner, Hans, IMS Nanofabrication, Vienna, Austria

Program Co-Chairs
Peters, Jan Hendrik, bmbg consult, Radebeul, Germany
Sarlette, Daniel, Infineon, Dresden, Germany

Other Program Committee Members
Ehrmann, Albrecht, Carl Zeiss SMT Oberkochen, Germany
Farrar, Dave, HOYA Corporation, London, UK
Galler, Reinhard, Equicon, Jena, Germany
Kapilevich, Izak, AMAT, USA
Le Gratiet, Bertrand, ST Microelectronics, Crolles, France
Levinson, Harry J., HJL Lithography, Saratoga, CA, USA
Muehlberger, Michael, Profactor GmbH, Steyr-Gleink, Austria
Pain, Laurent, CEA, Grenoble, France
Ronse, Kurt, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium
Savari, Serap, Texas A&M University College Station, USA
Scheruebl, Thomas, Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH, Jena, Germany
Schnabel, Ronald, VDE/VDI-GMM, Frankfurt, Germany
Schulze, Steffen, Mentor Graphics Corp. Wilsonville, OR, USA
Seltmann, Rolf, Dresden, Germany
Tschinkl, Martin, Toppan Photomasks Germany GmbH, Dresden, Germany
Waelpoel, Jacques, ASML, Veldhoven The Netherlands
Wiley, Jim, Santa Clara, CA, USA
Wolf, Hermann, Photronics MZD GmbH, Dresden, Germany
Wurm, Stefan, ATICE LLC, Albany, NY, USA
Yoshitake, Shushuke, NuFlare, Japan
Zurbrick, Larry, Keysight Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, USA